Squaring Away 2011

So, it's coming to the end of 2011 and I thought that as blogging + I are on the outs at the moment (I'm just not feeling it, you know?) that I'd do one last post for the year and square everything away. Egypt I went. And it was delightful. There was windsurfing, and kitesurfing and paddleboarding and snorkeling. I got a tan, and spent an awful lot of time being warm. I ate an awful lot of Egyptian Food, and drank well too much Egyptian Vodka. I spent a lot of time with my cousin Morfee, and he's brilliant to hang with. I (surprisingly) miss him now that he's not around so much. We hung out with the Neilson crew, I spent a lot of time sunning myself in front of a bar that sat on a lagoon. I fed a ridiculous amount of stray kittens, and napped and I rode a camel.

We also did a day trip out to Cairo, where we so the pyramids, learned to say "la shukran" to all the people trying to sell me stuff. We even (though not advised by any embassy that I could find) went to Tahrir Square. It was the one place we went to where we were the only tourists. We saw a tiny part of a revolution, and it was pretty amazing. Tense, but amazing.

Whitewater Rafting I did it. On London's Olympic Course months and months ago now, with The Third + Fourth Quarters, with J, and with a Bunny. We got wet. We capsized. We paddled our little hearts out. There was a lot of water in the face, a lot of trying to sync our paddling with the person in front and not get caught up with the paddle of the person behind us. It was a lot of mad grinning and bumping into other rafts and I generally had an absolutely brilliant time. Apparently the park opens back up again in January, so if you are London based and get the opportunity, you should go!

Culture++; and other fun things I did I have seen a bunch of shows in the last little while. Les Miserables, which I enjoyed quite a lot. The Phantom of the Opera, which I enjoyed less. The Phantom was quite creepy and very insecure. Sibling graduated from university, I'm super proud of her! I'm also well annoyed that I couldn't be there, and the other side of the world seems too far away. There was a usability conference, Liz + Rob came and stayed (and we visited Byron Burger, honestly, best mac+cheese I'd had in a long time!), there has been a bunch of design work (windsurfing brand redesigns, bio oil conversion site, b+b's, a possible forrrst for photos) so yes, been busy.

The Dating Files of 2011 I had loads of posts for this. Loads of little moments I wanted to remember, and things I wanted to better understand. But I managed to discard the draft in which I'd stored all these moments. Fail. In the interest of keeping it short + sweet there were two Jimmy's that I haven't mentioned yet. One I spent a good six months trying not to fall for before his visa ran out (and was mostly successful) and the other, well, let's just say that sleeping with that super cute Windsurfing Instructor in Egypt was probably not the cleverest idea I've ever had.

Anyway, as it's the end of 2011 I'm retiring this series. Also, I'm avoiding boys and gettin into anything anyway, so it would be a pretty boring series going into 2012.

The List I have done a bunch of things (#112 - See 10 invaders pieces in person, #118 Ride a camel) and crossed off parts of a few other ones. I'm glad that I still have The List, and that I'm still crossing things off. I feel like these deserve their own posts, and so will have them.

The Blog While I'll still blog about The List, I'm not really feeling blogging in general. So while I'll still be around, and still comment and read all your blogs, I probably won't update here is much. Maybe when inspiration strikes, but not much more. Call it a new phase?

Hope your holidays are brilliant, Merry Christmas!

elly x