MIA - The Dahab Episode

I'm in Egypt, in Dahab. As I type this, I'm set up in a bar by a lagoon. I'm in a bikini, still slightly wet, having just come off the water and out of a windsurfing lesson. I've been here a week, and oh oh oh, it's been glorious! It's been warm, deliciously deliciously warm. I'm tanned, and quite happy with my lot at the moment. The people are brilliant, from the Neilson crew (who, very conveniently, my travelling buddy Morfee is part of, thanks to his seasons in Greece), the other guests, the Datchet crew, the guy behind the bar - Naggy, who flirts outrageously with all the girls here.

It is a gorgeous place to be. This afternoon I'ma go back on the water and hopefully learn how to beachstart. There's a dregs party with the Datchet crew, and then the Neilson BBQ. There will be Camel riding out into the desert with a Bendouin BBQ. There is a bunch of kitesurfing to be had, cocktails to be drunk, and partying to be danced.

I'd planned to write a bunch of posts so you wouldn't notice my absence, but while I'm here? Writing is the last thing I want to do. Sooo, I will let you know when I'm back in a week or two.

Till then, this is the view I've got. Hope your view is just as pretty x