Ankles + Chronic Instability

Chronic Ankle Instability. That's what the physio said when he told me stand on one foot and I fell over. The reason I'm having such issues with my ankles, that I'll do something relatively normal like walk down stairs and then suddenly and unexpectedly be on my face and unable to walk is because my ankles are unstable. Chronically so.

I rather suspected this, but was doing that great denial thing of 'its fine' and 'I'll just walk it off, its good'. I was playing netball all the time, I was running a few times a week, and I was adventuring. None of these things are good for unstable ankles, apparently. I was aware of this too, aware that any uneven paving stone could have me limping through the rest of my run, or landing on someones foot in netball could have me off the court in no time.

So I was glad when the physio gave me something to do to fix it. He said that the tendons in my ankles were basically like rubber bands that had lost their elasticity. That they'd been pulled, but were all stretchy + didn't snap back to normal. He gave me a section of rubber film and started me on resistance training. A whole bunch of not interesting things to do with this rubber film that is apparently going to make things better. And a whole bunch of stability exercises. Calf lifts. Standing on one foot with my eyes closed. I'm meant to do it 3 times a day for the next forever. And I'm meant to give up netball and running and all that other stuff.

Well, I've stopped running. I probably won't stop netball. And all that other stuff is a pretty vague term, so if it doesn't involve running, then I figure its good. Like rock climbing, say. Or long walks, probably still good. Boris bike adventuring. We'll see. It's been a few weeks, and I've managed to do the exercises at least once. I spend an awful lot of time standing on one foot (which I feel ridiculous for, because I'm wobbly like a wobbly thing), and while I still don't trust my ankles not to give out, they haven't given out since. That's got to be a good sign, right?

I'll let you know. Do any of you have chronic ankle instability? How's that working out for you??