Oh hey!

So, I'm back. I found that while I was away 'taking a break' I was still writing posts. I guess I get more out of this than I realised. There has been a bunch of adventures happen since I've been gone, and a whole bunch of travelling, and oh goodness, I've got a ridiculous amount of share. I guess the most interesting thing about this break was that I expected to fall back in love with London. I did try, there have been exploration adventures, and drunken bar hopping, and missions into the deep urban jungle that is The South Beyond The River. I saw foxes, and I ate dinner in fancy restaurants with table top projections and had stupidly fancy cocktails with friends. I brought shiny things, and I danced like someone possessed. I did things I know I shouldn't have done, but did them anyway (it's called playing with fire).

I tried to love you, London. But then London, you did this thing where instead of just being grey, you got cold. And wet. And I got sick and things got unpleasant. It might just be this time of year, but I'm feeling pretty ambivalent about things.

So, I'm planning adventures. And finding other things to be excited about. Egypt for Christmas, maybe? Snowbombing in April? An underwater camera, a new wordpress design here, a company rebrand there. Coats and layers, and hot chocolates, and scarves and soup for lunch.

I'm digging deep to find things to be excited about. If soup for lunch is what does it, so be it.

So yes, that is where I am. How are you, friend?