Road Trip!

This very day I am quitting the city for a week, boarding a plane and I'm leaving. Hopefully I'll be met by friends in a big red van. Hopefully I'll find something resembling summer in what's left of this season, and hopefully, it'll be a week of bikini wearing, and sand and swimming. And of drinking cocktails, and taking mini adventures like hiring scooters and finding random little bars and meeting random, interesting people, and learning random, interesting words in other languages. Hopefully, it'll be gorgeous, and look like this, and this, and this:

So, Rarg is going to be silent for a week, because I've been too busy to write up scheduled posts, and to be honest? I think I'd like to take a break from blogging. Just a small one, so I'm going to do it now. And instead I'm going to go be in countries I haven't been in before, and see things I haven't seen, and generally I'm going to have a brilliant time.

See you guys on the flip side :)

Photo credit - These photos have been shamelessly stolen from google images. Sorry. Plitvice Lakes credit to Jack Brauer, Split to Alle Rechte Vorbehalten, and sadly the Lubljana shot was uncredited. If it's yours and you'd like credit please let me know!