The Break Up Party

A while ago I broke off a nothing. Well, I use the words 'broke off' and 'nothing', but what really happened is that I decided to stop investing my time in a boy well before it had the chance to turn into something meaningful. There was very little drama, or heartbreak involved. A tiny tiny blip that I doubt I'll remember in a year or two. A few weeks ago, my friend had also just got out of a relationship. To appropriately both celebrate our very singleness, and pay respects to what we'd either just left, or stopped investing in, we had a break up party. A brilliant brilliant break up party. It was fantastic. When I showed up at his flat (horribly late, because sometimes work is a bit crazy), he was in the midst of cooking dinner. An amazing dinner. A PROPER dinner. With garlic + butter potatoes, and steamed broccoli in Balsamic Sauce, and Garlic Pepper chicken! This man, he cooks!

He told to pour myself a red wine (which I did) and to stop eating the potatoes while he was serving up (which I did not) and together we watched The Breakfast Club. That amazing Mid-80s movie that has a soft spot in the hearts of every 80s teen. I'd forgotten how much I loved it. The ridiculous stereotypes and bad jokes, the toned down (but still scandalous) name calling, the 80s dance moves, and the old school soundtrack. Emilio Estevez. Molly Ringwald. The middle-class teenage angst. I laughed and laughed, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed this movie.

We stopped mid-movie for dessert. Peanut Butter Gelato. From my favourite peanut butter gelato place. My friend had cycled down on his bike to pick it up before I go there, and it was phenomenal. I was making happy noises till my bowl was empty.

And then, as if it wasn't a brilliant night already, we watched Empire Records. This movie? This movie was one that I watched a million times over when I was trying my hand at being a hipster teen. I could recite the words before the actors said them, something I know is annoying, so I tried very hard not to. Instead I sang along to the soundtrack. I knew most of the words, and Empire Records has such a brilliant soundtrack. This movie has to be one of my favourite films, I love the quirky characters (like Mark) and the ridiculousness of Rex Manning, and Warren trying to peel quarters from the carpet. I laughed at Lucas's quirks, and how he winds Joe up. I cheered when Gina sang the second verse of Sugar High, and I was glad it all worked out in the end, with the rooftop + fairy lights happy ending.

So, it wasn't the usual kind of get super boozed and party hard in a club with strangers break up party, but I think I prefer this version. There's something amazing about a decent night in with friends who are on the same page you are.

Have any of you had any interesting Break Up parties before?