Croquet Madness

We'd set the course up in what was called the Tennis Court. It wasn't really a Tennis Court, it was more of a back field that was flat. The field next to the garden, one over from another filled with cows. It was pleasant enough, we set the course up a bit willy nilly. We were all drinking G+T's, and none of us had ever played before. The instructions weren't helpful, so we made it up. It was awfully satisfying, taking the mallet and banging things into the ground. The game was even more fun, figuring out how hard to whack the ball with the mallet, hoping that it wouldn't hit a bump and veer off course. It was even more satisfying hitting someone else's ball so that they'd be on the wrong side of the hoop. We didn't quite figure out roquet, but there was a lot of laughing and hilarity as we moved around the course, dodging the dogs as they chased after balls in an endless game of fetch.

It was a brilliant and fun way to pass the early evening, and we were all quite cheerful despite the slight drizzle. Croquet is more fun than I thought it would be (though I won't lie, I did for a moment or two I did wish we were playing with neon coloured flamingos and little running hedgehogs...) and I can definitely see many more games (with G+T's in hand) as the summer winds down.

Any of you play Croquet before?