Making Summer FEEL like Summer

I won't lie, so far this English Summer has been pretty grey. For example, this morning I walked out the door with tights under my dress and a cardigan over my shoulders. This is meant to be the height of summer and I'm wearing LAYERS. This is not how I ever pictured spending my summer. It's meant to be HOT. It's meant to be jandals weather, where whenever you can you go barefoot when it wouldn't be gross to do so. It's meant to be short shorts and summer dresses and grabbing a cardigan only well after the sun goes down. It's meant to be spent near water that you can get your feet wet in, and it's meant to be spent eating fresh fruit and spearing things over a fire, and barbecues and fruity cocktails over ice!

Except, that I'm in London. So I purposely didn't add swimming and beaches with sand to that list. It would just make me sadder than I am already. And I know, I picked the wrong place to spend my summer. For all those things I could have gone south, to Spain, or Egypt, or Turkey. Morocco. Greece. Southern Italy, or France. I could have been clever and planned a road trip or a kite surfing holiday or something. Anything.

To be fair, I did plan a kite surfing holiday, but then I did my intercostals in. There might be a sailing holiday in Greece. It's as yet unconfirmed and still very much a maybe.

Anyway, I've gotten distracted. My point is, London, and what I've seen of England is grey and not like any summer I've ever experienced. And this made me all sad and pathetic. So, when friends said we should have a BBQ I said yes, practically jumping over the table at my enthusiasm to do something summery.

Even better, said friend has MADE his BBQ out of an old oil can. It was brilliant. It wasn't even a gas based BBQ, with elements or grill plates. It's the kind where you have to light a fire and burn wood and wait till it's hot enough to cook on. Love it.

There was corn, and haloumi, and capsicum and tomatoes. And then very English fish. I forget what the names of them are, but it was all very tasty.

We had G+T's in the rain, and had a BBQ. And despite the rain, it felt like summer. Which makes me think that really? Making your summer *feel* like summer is up to you. So, I'm going to partake in more BBQ's. And drink fruity cocktails on rooftop beer gardens, and, on those rare glorious moments when the sky is more blue than grey, I'm going to stop and stand in the sun and photosynthesize (okay, so I can't process sugar by standing in the sun, but I'm going to *enjoy* it, which is almost the same thing).

So, that is my plan. I'm going to force this summer into feeling like a proper summer. Watch this space. Adventures abound.

How goes your summer?