Baby Badgers + Other English Wildlife

On the way back from Bournemouth with Liz + Rob (Bournemouth is lovely, by the way. Had a proper beach + sun and everything), we stopped at the Southampton New Forest Wildlife Park. It was small for the zoos I've seen, but I've been told that it's one of the better British Zoos (this makes me horribly sad for British Zoos, really). But it was nice for a wander. We saw all sorts of animals. Otters that were very vocal + very loud. Deer that wandered across your path, really quite unconcerned that you were standing in their way. There were European Bison, and a crazy number of owls.

There were butterflies in the butterfly house. And pretty fish in the pools. But the best bit? The best bit were the badgers. I'd never seen a badger before (seriously, most my badger knowledge has come from that horrible weebles Badger/Mushroom meme that was doing the rounds like 10 years ago. Oh look, you-tube still has it). I was pretty stoked to see them.

Even better? This badger had just had a whole bunch of kits. They were waiting for them to put on some weight before releasing them into the wild. I spent a good long while in front of their little den watching them climb over each other and snooze.

It was a pretty pleasant way to spend an afternoon, and a nice way to round off a weekend away. I'm sure there will be more mini adventures, and more random wildlife places to see. Liz is always up for some fun wildlife adventures (when I was in Melbourne last Liz + I touched an elephant! True Story!) and it's fun having a friend to do mad things with.

Have any of rocked any fun wildlife adventures lately?