The Harry Potter Premier + Other HP Madness

I'm a fan of Harry Potter, I am. I've posted it before, even. But this time round I avoided posting about the Harry Potter Premier while it was happening. There as an awful lot of HP <3 gushing out from the internet and I found it a bit much, and rather than getting all caught up in the chaos, I thought I'd enjoy the end of the HP era as it happened and post about it later. Like now. I was in London while the Premier happened. I point blank refused to camp out in Trafalgar Square (I'm a fan, but not THAT much of a fan) but I did go down with Liz + Rob to see the madness, to admire the hardcore fans, to add a little bit to the hype.

It was also an opportunity to go visit some of the set locations for some of the shots filmed in Part One. Fun times!

Piccadilly Circus - This is where the trio, having fled from Bill + Fleur's wedding, apparate to. This location was pretty easy to find, it was just a matter of finding the right barrier and lining up the shot. Win!

Some back streets near Covent Garden (?) - I can't remember exactly where this is. And to be fair, if Liz hadn't already scouted out where we were going, I probably would have missed it. This is where Ron waits for a few Ministry employees, and pulls them into a garage. It was quite hilarious being there, because all the people working thought us completely mad for taking photos by a completely nondescript street corner.

I am a bit sad that we've reached the end of the Harry Potter (Potterverse aside), and it has been brilliant to have a new amazing fandom to geek out to, knowing full well that half the world was geeking out with you.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Or did I just reveal my inner geek just now?