A friend Jimmy and I went and saw Stomp a few weeks ago, at the Ambassadors Theatre. And oh friends, it was brilliant. It's a show thats both amazing and hilarous, and all done through either mime or rhthym. Rhythym with pretty much anything too, mind - brooms, sticks, rubbish, newspappers, lighters, basketballs, kitchen sinks + dishes + water! Each act had me in fits of laughter, or in awe, or tapping my fingers against my chair. The beats they put together are almost addictive and each act cleverly led in to the next, and the actors, oh man, they all had characters, and they were played so well! Quirky, hilarious, brilliant characters that made me laugh a stupid amount. Modern day clowns, almost. I'm pretty sure the lead of the show was a kiwi, too. Not only did he have a pretty blatantly Maori tattoo over his shoulder, but some of his mannerisms (like the upward nod + lifting of the eyebrows in greeting) seemed like kiwisms.


There was also amusing audience participation + interaction. Simpler beats for us to clap, snap and stomp to, at a given cue. Getting us involved was a brilliant stroke of genius - even more so when the characters started playing off each other for our attention.

I loved the set, too. When the lights come up it looks like a really random everything-thrown-together type set. There was a lot of texture, and pots and pans and bowls on walls, and random tubing and big industrial plastic containers. I was so surprised when I realised that most of the set had a purpose, and was used in the acts in some way or anything. I love things that are gorgeous AND functional! Also, the theatre was quite small, which really was a bonus. It meant that you could hear every quiet subtle beat and were quite close to the actors doing their thing.


I had a great time, and honestly thought it was one of the better shows playing at the West End that I could have picked. Win. If you get a chance to see it (it's playing internationally the world over) then do, it's a great show!