Friendly Fires + the iTunes Festival

31 Nights of Music. That's the angle iTunes took for this years iTunes Festival. Every night for the month of July iTunes would have some 60 amazing bands come + play at the Roundhouse Theatre in Camden. And there were some big names, too. Like Coldplay, or the Foo Fighters, or Linkin Park. Chase + Status, and Moby. And the kicker? You couldn't buy tickets, oh no, you had to win them. It wasn't hard, you tick the box, give them your name and you hope. Well, I didn't win anything. I didn't expect to, because the demand was ridiculous. Every second person and their goat had entered. However, an incredibly brilliant friend *did* win, and last week we went to go see Friendly Fires + SBTRKT play. And oh, oh friends, it was FANTASTIC.

The Roundhouse is a such a brilliant venue, and when we got in (with some pretty nifty neon wristbands) it was such a fun atmosphere. Everyone was there in pairs, which made for an interesting crowd. We sat outside for a bit, before the gig really got underway which was nice. They had a bbq, and there was frozen margaritas (always a bonus).

There was a super fun stage set up, with big screens and giant disco balls and light shows. I didn't know either band, but Friendly Fires is fairly up beat and I had a great time dancing around and singing to the choruses! I probably should have not danced as much (having whiplast is never fun) but I had a great time. The encore was the best, they shot out confetti at the crowd, and had saved one of their singles for the end and the crowd went mad!

It was a silly amount of fun. I love this about London, too. That there are random concerts with some amazing names that you can win, for free. That there all sorts of exciting things going on, and that at the drop of a hat you can be doing something spontaneous + amazing. Like rocking out to a band whose name you heard for the first time that morning.

Have you been to any exciting gigs/concerts recently?