Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park. We went, it was brilliant. Both my camera + phone died early on so I enjoyed the majority of park experience gadget free. I did get a few shots in, though...

Here's how I remember it:

I remember rocking out to Chase + Status in the queue to get in, and getting sunburnt. I remember Hamish winning Lou a Mario from the sidecars. I remember spending £20 trying to get a ball through a hoop, and I remember snarking at some insolent adolescents for spilling ginger beer down the back of my legs. Idiots. Grumpy Elly is Grumpy.

I remember really not enjoying the Colosseus because it rattled my head around, and I remember really enjoying the Vortex ride because of the stomach dropping loops. I remember squealing + giggling next to Lou on the Samurai. I remember filling up my little orange unlimited-refills drink bottle with lemonade, and I remember trying some of Lou's artificial strawberry candy-floss. I remember being stoked about the fast track tickets, and skipping the queue for the Nemesis Inferno, which I enjoyed no end. I was sad that it only lasted on run!

I remember at the end of the day, rocking the little back-yard roller coaster 3 times in a row, and being super stoked about it. I remember the 6 year old on the rapid ride telling us to watch out because 'This bit really hurts your ribs!'. I remember eating corn off the cob, and chocolate covered strawberries, and chicken nuggets and chips. I remember laughing as I watched kids get soaked by the Tidal Wave ride, and being glad that I didn't get soaked. I remember falling asleep on the train home.

Mostly? I remember that it was a great day, a brilliant day, with fantastic company. Hurrah for successful adventures!