An (Unexpected) Piercing

I've recently taken out my wrist piercing. It had been a year + a half and it still wasn't fully healed yet. I know these things take years to heal properly, but I'm playing netball every week now. And every week without fail someone would bang down on the wrist band I used to cover it, or pull at my arm or I'd knock it in some way. I was gutted, but it wasn't working for me. So on an impulse I had it taken out. I regretted it almost instantly but it'd done it with the best intentions. I'm still waiting for the two purple scars to fade. And they will, just like my nape + sternum scars have.

I wasn't planning on getting another one. I've already had a surface piercing in my nape, and in my sternum, where else could I get one that was in a place wouldn't be jostled too much, that would heal okay AND wouldn't look totally naff? I was convinced that there wasn't a place. I was okay with that, I'd come to the end of my piercing phase, that was fine.

Except then I was out drinking with a bunch of enablers. We walked past a piercing place and sure enough the ribbing started: "Get your nipple pierced!" "Ha, no!" and I wondered out loud whether I should get another one. Should I? The unanimous answer was yes. So I went in, had a thirty second conversation with the in-house piercest and sorted a place + price.

She clamped the skin, which hurt a little, and then sprayed it with cool spray. I'd never used it on the other piercings, and was shocked that when I looked down she'd already done the piercing part. I hadn't even felt it.

It was pretty enough, she used PVC instead of a titanium bar like the rest of my piercings. I changed out the balls to cuter gem ones later, but all in all I'm happy with it.

I'm stoked to have another piercing again, and if nothing else it made the weekend madness a little bit more fun.

Do any of you have a hip piercing?