Chase + Status

A few friends of mine started a facebook group called Random Gig Nights. It was the same idea as Random Pub Nights (where once a month someone picks a random (but decent) pub and you all show up and its brilliant) except for Gigs. The idea was that instead of seeing big name bands over + over we could check out smaller up + coming gigs. It's a brilliant way to hear about whats going on in London, and as its run by the Kiwi Cross crew its not hard to find people to go with when something catches your eye. So when the group said Chase + Status were playing at The Nest in Dalston for a fiver, I was totes gutted that I had plans. It was just a DJ Set, but that didn't make me feel any better about missing it. It didn't look like anyone else was goin to go, either. But then my plans fell through, so at 9pm on a Thursday night I put out the word and sure enough managed to pull people from their beds + from dinner plans to come drink + dance with me.

And it was fucking awesome.

I remember doin Jager racks (shots of 6), I remember pushing my way to the front, dancing second row back from the stage, dancing in the pit, elbows high. I remember being a hot + sweaty mess, literally soaked head to toe in sweat and still positively stoked to be there. I remember dancing hard, and being up close + personal with 10 strangers on all sides, pushed close unable to move. I remember rocking out to the amazing drops, where you feel the bass in your chest bellowing up through the floor rather than hearing it with your ears. I remember tryin to keep next to Margot and stop people from pushing us apart on their attempt to get closer to the stage. I remember high fiving the very gorgeous Liam Bailey, and Cotti (also pretty fine himself). I remember jumping up and down, the crowd as one. I remember everyone going fucking nuts when Chase + Status played Blind Faith.

For serious. This is a video that Margot took, that shows you a) exactly how close we were and b) how very pretty Liam Bailey is:

I remember getting hit in the head, and retreating to the back of the crowd. I remember dancing with Phe on a ridge (Was it a ridge? I don't know what it was, but it was off the ground), and being stoked that I could see all the way down the stage to the decks. I remember standing on the street absolutely exhaused, completely soaked in sweat but positively high on seeing Chase + Status.

Today (as I write this, not the day which I'll post this) I am covered in bruises, I'm in a shirt that isn't mine because I didn't go home last night, and my legs ache from hours + hours of jumping + dancing. I am shattered. And I'm still rocking that high from last night.

I love nights like that. Where you ignore all tomorrow's early morning commitements and say fuck it. Where you turn around what could easily have been a shit night. Where you go out with a brilliant crew, where you dance like a mad person, and where you have a fucking awesome time.

Chase + Staus. Fuck Yes.