Intention vs Opportunity

Number 84 on The List is Help a stranger. And a few weekends ago when I was at the Borough Markets, wandering around, minding my own business (being quite concerned with eating all the food I had) I was stopped by this guy. He was a bit stressed out, this guy. He explained that he was going to propose to his girlfriend that night and that she was currently mad at him. They were meant to meet at the markets and here he was, but he didn't know where she was and his phone was dead. As the markets were huge, I could see the predicament he was in. He asked to use my phone. Without thinking, I dug around in my bag and handed it over.

The reception was bad, so he called twice. She was clearly mad at him, and didn't say straight out where she was and instead used up my phone credit yelling at him. I felt bad for him, here he was, freaking out about asking her to marry him and he'd copped the bad end of the stick.

In the end she gave him a place, he returned my phone and off he went.

I helped a stranger.

See? Random Guy: Not happy. Me: Helping a stranger!

But see, when I added #84 to my list, I wanted it to be epic. Not quite Seven Pounds epic, but more than lending some guy my phone, you know? I wanted it to be an intentional act of kindness, not some random chance opportunity.

So, I'm leaving this item unchecked. We'll see. I'm sure I'll find a way to cross this off.