Kiwi Care Pack

Whoops! I pushed publish instead of schedule, and feedburner pushed it out almost immediately! So apologies if you've seen this post before. New content coming on Friday - promise! I haven't been away from home that long - a few months at most. Nonetheless I was absolutely positively stoked to get a care package from home! Things that I barely ate 6 months ago soon became quick favourites simply because I could not get them in London.

It included all sorts of fun stuff. Cookie cutters in the shapes of New Zealand, a kiwi + a (silver) fern. It's the kind of things that can only be cool outside New Zealand. So high five! There was Mallowpuffs, and Pineapple Lumps and Marmite! (Don't be fooled, the UK Marmite is decidedly average in comparison. It doesn't even have iron in it!). There was Milo (which I've been eating by the spoonful, rather than drinking it proper. It's soooo tasty!) and Toffeepops.

When the Black Caps beat South Africa in the Cricket World Cup, I broke out my last packet of Pineapple Lumps to share with the office. It was pretty brilliant.

If you were miles away from home, what would you want in your care pack??