Invader Clocks

I have a thing for Invader. He's a Parisian graffiti artist whose works are inspired by the original 80s Space Invaders game. I guess he's become a little bit more popular since Exit through the Gift Shop came out, but I liked him well before the movie. Thing is, I hadn't seen any of his pieces before I left home; he hadn't been to New Zealand before. However he has invaded Europe a ridiculous amount, and one of things I love love love about being over here is that his pieces are everywhere. I discovered my first Invader piece on my first day in Rome. I did a dance and got all excited. Sibling thought I was being an idiot. Since then I've kept an eye out. There are at least two pieces I know that are down the road from where I work (a rather large mural by Stik is out there, too). And even just yesterday I stumbled across two more!

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that as I moved over this side of the world, my excitement about Invader grew. I even added an Invader item to The List (#112 – Spot 10 of Invaders pieces in person). I was excited when Liz + Rob showed an interest in Invader too. They even went as far to make Invader clocks!

So imagine how very stoked I was when Liz + Rob made me my very own Invader clock as a flat warming gift:

I was beyond stoked. This is why we are best friends. Cool, right?