London: Looking Up

At ground level London is loud. There is almost an uncountable amount of traffic and no driver has any qualms about using their horns. It's dirty, and hordes of people push by you. Strangers that are careful to not look you in the eye have no problem shouldering you out of the way. If I wasn't stoked to be here, if I hadn't already fallen head over heels for many of London's less obvious charms then I can see how horrid walking down the street could be.

Lately though, lately I've been looking up. And above street level are all these gorgeous, stately buildings. Buildings that have held steady and watched us rush about beneath them. Amazing gorgeous buildings that look like something out of a movie set with all their brilliant details. Honestly, we don't have buildings like this in New Zealand. And it's almost awe inspiring to walk down street after street and find so much of this brilliant architecture.