Liz + Rob visit London

Last month my best friend and her husband came down to London to stay for the weekend. Of all the things I love most about being over this side of the world, they are it. I LOVE that they are so close! It was a pretty brilliant weekend. There was playing cards (like gin + 500) with fingers sticky from making a ridiculous amount of fruity cocktails (none of that tannins business!). There was fancy breakfasts at Peter Gordon's The Providores + Tapas Room. Peter Gordon's a kiwi chef, so it was pretty brilliant to walk in + hear kiwi sounds playing. Also, they served the second best cappuccino that Rob had ever tasted. (The first best was somewhere in Melbourne).

We spent all weekend trying to spot Invader pieces, which was a lot of fun. We wandered around in Selfridges (and their amazing food hall) + Liz got her hair curled. We hit up the Portrait Museum, which I loved. I preferred sitting + pondering some of the pieces than looking at all of them. Honestly, there was an awful lot of brilliant portraits to be pondered about. We also watched a few brilliant episodes of Community (something which made Rob laugh, literally, out loud every episode - it's such a great show!) and ventured out to find Londons 'best' fish + chipery. It was fine, but didn't have anything on Fish + Chips from home. I'm still trying to learn to like Mushy Peas.

We hit up The Alice House (my most favourite brunch + cocktail place) for brunch was which was again, filling + phenomenal. And then, with the Third + Fourth Quarters in tow, we hit up Camden Markets for some brilliant marketing. I spent way too much money, and laughed a ridiculous amount at Rob's blue steel attempt.

It was an amazing weekend. I can't believe Liz + Rob are so close, and it was great fun hanging out with them. Definitely looking forward to more visits like this one!