The Inside of My Fridge

A few weeks ago Heidi (from Stress Sponge) posted the insides of her fridge. So I thought I'd post mine, too.

Things that are still weird for me to think about: * All the water in that fridge has been filtered. Because London water tastes DISGUSTING! I guess I've just been spoilt that in NZ the water is clean, devoid of most horrible minerals and doesn't make your skin feel weird when you shower in it. * Juice is always on sale. It's always 3 for £2, or 2 for £2 at Sainsburys. I always end up buying more juice than I can drink. * Actually, everything is always on sale in multiples. I am such a sucker for the 5 for £5 things. This goes for everything. Puddings and yoghurt and fruit and vegies and pizza's and cereal and everything! It's a bit ridiculous, really. Two for one really does me over on fresh produce. I'll buy it, and then rush to eat it all before it goes bad! * I can't stop eating Goo. I've been collecting the little glass jars they come in to eventually make little mini cheesecakes, but to do that I'd have to stop eating Goo. And I can't. It's amazing, and addictive. Seriously, its getting to that point that rivals my love for fries. * Knowing where my fruit comes from. They make a point here to label the packaging. It's kinda cute.

Things I miss: * Macleans toothpaste, the mild mint kind. No, seriously. I'm still using Parisian toothpaste that that boy from Australia got me a whole bunch of. I can't remember why he did, other than it was hilarious. * Pies. When I go out for a bender, what I want is either a whole bunch of fries, or a chicken/veggie pie from a petrol station. The closest things they have here are those cornish pasty things. And they just plain don't cut it. * Knowing what laundry powder brand to buy. I have no idea whats good here, and whats not. It's all about trial and error, and so far its been error. * Ditto for cereal. I miss knowing whats good! * Is it sad that it's the same for cleaning products? I used to have a super clean bathroom. Here I'm loosing the fight against limescale because none of the cleaning products I have tried work. Grr. * Whittaker's peanut slabs. No explanation required. * Lime Mizone. Flavoured water is not the same here, and most of it is pretty foul. I haven't found an equivalent that I like yet.

What does the inside of your fridge look like?