Doing things in the wrong order

I'd done it the wrong way around. It's common sense really. You get a job and then find a place. Well, I organised a place and then a job. Mostly because I was sick of sleeping on a wobbly air mattress on my friends floor. I was sick of not having my own space, and that all my stuff was packed away in suitcases, which was a right pain when I wanted something that I knew was packed at the bottom. I was not a fan of visiting the laundramat, or feeling dirty after I had a shower because the bathroom (a bathroom shared by 3 boys) was disgusting. I was not a fan of the stoners that hotboxed the lounge downstairs or of the giant pigs leg (hoof included) that was kept on the bench in the kitchen. No seriously, look:

Gross, right?

Still, I'm grateful I had a place to sleep and keep my stuff, but I was ready to move into a new place. So when the friend I was staying with said he was moving out and wanted to know if I wanted to flat with him, it wasnt hard to say yes. A few days later we had put down a deposit on a gorgeous, small, clean 3 bedroom apartment that would be available in a month or so. The thing I didn't realise about gorgeous, small, clean 3 bedroom apartments is that if your 3rd falls out, things get very expensive very quickly.

So expensive that you take the decent first job offer that comes (which, luckily is an amazing role + I'm quite glad I accepted). And then you work out that your first paycheck perhaps doesn't quite cover the full cost of the deposit. Because in London? The security deposit is 8 weeks with another months rent in advance. And when you're attempt to pay this with the New Zealand money you painstakingly saved up last year, you double it. Ouch. And if we don't find a third? I'll be taking on more of the cost, too.

So now I'm doing that thing where you eat meals that are £1 or less (yay for Sainsburys!), and social events that cost are politely declined, and exploratory walks around London are not, particularly if we plan to hit up one of the many (free) museums. I'm doing a lot of downloading of brilliant tv, and enjoying lovely nights in. My portofolio is looking brilliant, and I've almost reread the stack of books I have in a pile that's sitting behind my friends door.

We've still got a few weeks before we move in, and I'm looking at blowing more of my savings on flat type things. Bed linen, pots and pans, cutlery, pillows, a microwave and a vacuum cleaner. All those things that you need when setting up a flat. I'm hoping that we'll find a third person at some point soon to help with the cost of things, but we'll see.

I'm excited about moving into the new place, and I'm okay to live on a stupidly tight budget until the fancy new job pays out another fancy paycheck, and I can get back to regular spending. The lesson here?? Don't under estimate how expensive things are going to be. Get a job before you get a fancy place. And do things in the right order.