Thinking of you, Christchurch

I was woken yesterday by two txts. Txts from UK friends that were wishing me well, and hoping that my family and friends back home were safe. Nothing has got me out of bed faster, and I was heartbroken to discover that while I had slept, Christchurch had been hit by another series of Earthquakes. Most my family + friends live in Auckland, miles + miles from Christchurch, but that doesn't make it any less heartbreaking. I'm glued to twitter + facebook, and the herald site waiting for updates. It's hard to watch, knowing that this quake was worse than the one in September and that the causality rate is going to rise and rise and rise. And as more photos roll in, I almost can't believe it: the imagery is shocking. Landmarks have toppled, and there are floods, and rubble everywhere. It's awful. Not everyone is accounted for, yet. Search + Rescue are still going strong, and I wish them all the support my little heart can muster.

Credits: Simon Baker + @polarbearfarm

I'm a little homesick, and to watch New Zealand rally around Christchurch, to see the photos + read the heartfelt messages all over facebook + twitter I was beyond proud to be a kiwi. To see people pulling together to help where they could, donating blood, donating money, offering to try + call relatives if you were stuck overseas + couldn't get through. People opening their homes to house relocated victims, and even big companies are helping where they can: Air NZ, offering super cheap flights in and out of Christchurch + Orcon making all calls in and out of the South Island free for the next 48 hours or so.

I can't imagine how people in Christchurch are feeling right now, being hit with another devastating earthquake, but they have an entire country behind them. As our Prime Minister said "We feel your pain, as only a small nation can, for none of us feel removed from this event." John Key isn't always right, but he was right about this.

Kia kaha, Christchurch. You're in my thoughts x