The day after we visited Paris, Lyth + I went up to Cambridge, because Cambridge is where my best friend lives. This was kind of a phenomenal trip - my best friend and I haven't lived in the same country for years and years and years. We haven't lived in the same time zone, and for a while there, we weren't even living in the same hemisphere. So, the minute I was available from family obligation and pre-planned trips, I went up to Cambridge to see her. And it was brilliant. There were markets, and visiting colleges, and looking in Chapels (in particular the chapel of Kings College), but mostly chapels of all shapes and sizes (even round ones!). We wandered around The River Cam (I'm interested to try punting, now) which was amusing.

There was a ridiculous amount of shopping, and catching up on gossip, and eating at NZ owned + themed places (yay, GBK!) We ate average sushi at one of those places where the sushi goes around on a conveyor belt, and visited some english pubs.

But mostly? Mostly I was glad to see my BFF again. And that she lives a mere hour + half by train from where I am? Bliss. This counts as a definite upside to moving over to this side of the world. Yay!