London: Where I’m At.

This city kind of astounds me, really. I have absolutely no concept of how big it is (when you travel the tube, everything becomes based around the tube stations + seems to be quite disconnected) or really about the kind of place it is, yet. I hate not knowing what's good, and whats not. And this goes for everything. Pizza places, and movie theaters and museli bar brands and where do you buy mid-range corporate outfits from? And how far away is Teddington from where I am right now?? (Two train rides + about fourty minutes). I think displaced is the word of the day. I'm super unsettled which is disconcerting. While I have plans in the works, I don't yet have a job or a place. I have friends here, many of them, but I don't have a solid crew yet. I'm still travelling (yay! France! Italia!) but that means that there's no routine, and everything needs to fit around when I'm in London. I don't yet have an NI number (which is frustrating) and I can't get a bank account until I have a job, else I'm subject to ridiculous fees (also frustrating) and I'm really over horrible brash + pedantic real estate agents that make things unnecessarily difficult.

But not everything is about scrabbling about and hoping for the best. I've become a pro at riding the tubes, and it still new enough for me not to hate it, for me to still marvel at it's efficiency, and to feel like I'm adjusting to London life. I feel like I can wander the streets (and I do, frequently) and I'm surrounded by strangers walking the same way. It's like being alone in a swarm of sardines. You're not really alone at all. I love the history, the walking past the houses to see the Blue Plates of Someone Important Lived Here. Great Things Happened In This House. It's pretty brilliant.

And the people, oh goodness the people. I said I had friends here, and I'm very very lucky to have the friends that I do. I've been taken to amazing burrito places, and pizza places where they charge by every 25cm, and your pizzaa turns out to be over a metre long. There have been two for one cocktail nights, and amazing catch up gossip sessions.

And oh goodness, I fell into a crew that was so familiar in its brilliant geekness that it was a bit like being at home. I found (care of the amazing Broome) a bunch of unemployed Kiwis, who are brilliant, and let me hang out, and for all that I'm talking about feeling a little displaced, helped me find my footing a bit. They are ridiculously smart, witty, amusing, and have great taste in music and food. It was love, I tell you.

And then I fell into another crew, thanks to a very random family connection and my random 'say yes' attitude. A crew of English. Where jokes and enthusiasm are the way. Where, while it didn't at all feel like home, it was very comfortable and brilliant and I was very very glad I said yes to random overseas trips.

So here I am. I'm at a place where I haven't found my feet, yet. I haven't settled. But things are slowly coming together, and I can see that this crazy, brilliant, completely mad idea to up myself and move to the other side of the world was not a bad thing. Not even in the slightest.