Bath/Windsor/Stonehenge (+ Paris. Kind of.)

I'm dropping the Adventure Number, because it's getting a bit ridiculous now. After Sommerset, I met up with the brilliant Lyth and we did a few tours. I have to say, the tours were alot more fun with his company. We hit up Bath, Windsor + Stonehenge. In a single day. It was a really loooooooooooong epic day, with a really really early start. Also? Lyth has this crazy annoying alarm tune that gets stuck in your head.

Anyway, Windsor Castle.

It's big. It's a castle. Apparently royalty stay there occasionally. *shrug*. We saw the Royal Apartments that were behind a gate + across a field. My enthusiasm for this was pretty null. We also saw Queen Mary's dollhouse, which was pretty epic for a dollhouse. It's a 1:12 replica of Windsor Castle in the 1920s. There was also a display of China (of which I quite liked the pineapple cake stands) and an exhibition of Queen Elizabeth II + Princess Margaret's childhood portraits. There were even a few of Prince Charles + Princess Anne, which were amusing. Prince Charles as a child cracked me up, he looked just as gooberish then as he does now.

We also watched the Changing of the Guard, which was really really really long. There was alot of formal ceremony, and they played alot of what I'm sure were traditional English songs, but they all had the tunes of nursery rhymes. So in my head I was singing 'Do you ears hang low' and 'the ants go marching on and on hurrah!'. It seemed a bit silly, to be honest. But I admire that they are keeping their traditions alive in this way. I can respect that.

I enjoyed Stonehenge alot more. It was cold, bitterly bitterly cold, but brilliant. I definitely enjoyed it.

We then went on to Bath. I'd been previously on a day trip with family, but Bath really is gorgeous. The architecture is amazing, the shopping + food brilliant. And they have a weir! The first I'd ever seen!

And then there are the Roman Bath ruins. Honestly, I still can't get over how brilliant the Romans were - they were clever. Phenomenally clever. As in, underfloor heating way way back in the day clever. And central air, and drains and my mind is completely and utterly blown.

I was less excited about the temple/sacrifice part of the history lesson, but otherwise I was really glad to get to visit a second time. To be able to walk over the ruins, see the stairs to the temple, the bath's themselves, it was really quite brilliant.

Aaaand then we have Paris. We did the day trip to Paris, which included an incredibly early start to catch the Eurostar under the tunnel and into France.

Well, I'm not going to show you photos, because I didn't take any. I gave the camera to Lyth and really really hoped that I hadn't ruined his trip. I say this because I had food poisoning. Epic, horrible food poisioning.

So, I didn't enjoy the train ride through the tunnel, instead I was in the tiny wc holding on for dear life. I didn't go on the cruise down La Seine. I spent my time in the cafe next to it emptying my stomach. I didn't eat the ridiculously fancy the two course lunch up the Eiffel Tower. Instead I threw up the very fancy orange juice in the very fancy bathrooms.

I didn't wander the halls of the Lourve, instead I paid 2 Euros to get into the bathroom in the mall UNDER the Lourve where I was sure, absolutely positive that I was going to die right there, in Paris, so very close to the Lourve but without ever having seen inside it.

In short. It was horrid. Absolutely horrid. So I didn't see any of Paris. I was much more worried about keeping the contents of my stomach in my stomach. I'll go back one day.

So, yes. Bath, Windsor + Stonehenge. And Paris. Kind of.