Adventure #9: Somerset

I followed my family to Sommerset for Christmas. It was lovely. The grounds were covered in snow (and we had a White Christmas!) and we spent alot of time drinking lovely made drinks, and eating far too much, and playing boardgames (we played alot of Bananagrams). Going outisde require more layers (so there was always alot of dressing and undressing) and boots. I got to wear my Gummies for the first time, which was novel! We tried to make a snowman, but alas, the snow was often too soft. So we settled for snow angels + a snowfield, instead.

There was alot of walking the dogs, and tea drinking, and watching movies. The few weeks I were here was very much about taking it easy. Taking time to recharge and relax. To enjoy being in the one spot. To enjoy baking new foods (pierogi + mini oreo cheesecakes), and trying new foods (rabbit, and pheasant) and getting to know all the people that were around. Visiting pubs with little warrens of rooms + out the back skittle alleys.

It was also an introduction into the English, and a mighty swift one at that. They have very different attitudes about things here (like, the concept of 'family only' nights, where you might find yourself banished to a Bristol apartment. It's very odd. In New Zealand, and in my family especially, there's never an intentional exclusion, if you have enough to share, you share, and come one come all. Love, and time for people should never be exclusive. Particularly if said excluded parties have flown half way across the world to be there...) Sorry. That last point might still sting a little with my very kiwi attitudes.

Anyway, despite a few days random banishment, I enjoyed myself a ridiculous amount. It was alot of fun to be out there, enjoying rural England. Being amused at the snow that wasn't at all, even a little bit for riding. Especially loved the hanging out with family part. I was very aware that I wasn't sure when I'd be seeing some of these people again (which was absolutely heartbreaking, and I sobbed my way through Paddington Station when the time to say goodbye came) so I really took the time to enjoy their company.

Lovely place, Sommerset. I'm sure I'll be back.