Finding my feet: An Update

The sun came out for a bit today, and it transformed the streets into pretty little warrens. It was nice to see something other than the London Grey I've come to know. I'm going to post the travel posts a little more slowly, now. So, even though the last travel post was Toronto (and you've still got Italia (Rome + Tuscany), England (London + Sommerset + Bath/Windsor/Stonehenge + Cambridge) and Edinburgh to come, I'm a bit bored with writing all of them.

So, here's a where I'm at in the here and now.

I'm in London. I don't have a job as yet, but I am doing lots of interviewing and fielding a few calls from people, and I dearly would like to have a job soon. I do have a place, but we don't move in till March, which is frustrating and disappointing. I'm quite over living out of a suitcase, and sleeping on peoples floors or couches or spare beds. I'd like to have a space of my own, thanks very much.

I've spent the last few weeks travelling about and seeing the things there are to see. In fact this week, I've dedicated to doing nothing (other than job-getting stuff, of course), which is good. Because I'm rushed off my feet for the few weeks after (Snowboarding in France! Wine drinking in Italia!) and everyone needs a little down time.

I've become better at using the tube (which honestly, puts Auckland's public transport to shame) and I haven't noticed the crowds of people that everyone kept telling me about. I'm over cobblestone streets (they are horrible to walk on) and I miss the warmth of home. I'm learning to layer appropriately, and occasionally, still manage to pull together a cute look despite this.

I think as I get settled (and get myself a job), I'll venture out more. Explore more of London London, instead of just its sights, the things listed in the guidebooks (although, I would like to do another tour on the buses - the live commentary is always quite interesting).

But so far, London is lovely. How are you?