Meeting the Boy from Australia

I love how the universe works. That it places people in your path that it thinks you should know. I met this boy in Canada. An Australian, which is funny because as a Kiwi I'd planned to avoid most Australians. I wanted to meet people from different cultures, not people who lived across the ditch. It was on a tour, you see. And at the end of the tour, as he got out of the car, I realised I hadn't thought to get his email address, or his full name so I could facebook him later. And I watched him walk away into a coffee shop and thought, 'oh well', and settled back down to sleep.

The universe it appears, does more better than 'oh well', because this Boy from Australia found me on the internet, and emailed me. Good one, universe! And it turned out to be a fairly brilliant acquaintance experience. We met in London. We wandered the streets, and took the tube line's the wrong way, and I introduced him to my friends. There was a Jack the Ripper Walking Tour, and random beers in random pubs, a walk through the Hampstead Heath and dinners in curry houses and odd mall restuarants.

We talked about anything and everything. Our friends at home, and where we came from and where we were going. He told me about the party he went to underneath the streets of paris. I told him about the McDonalds I had in Bristol. And TV, oh goodness, we talked much tv. I love people get Firefly references, and want to hit me when I say that I'd thought of going to a Tom Lenk show (and inviting him) but I didn't. About books, and just the random everyday adventures. He has the same humour as I do (and we may have laughed hysterically at 'How long before you become immune to Cockburn?') and laughs when I sing the Star Wars Anthem as we walk by a cemetary.

I think I love this most about travelling. You meet people who are brilliant. You meet people who make you laugh, and give you perspective.

Good job, universe. Send more people like that my way.