Adventure #5 – Toronto

I arrived in Toronto with completely inappropriate footwear. Super cute ballet flats do not go with snow on the ground. I thought Vancouver was cold, but I was wrong. Because Toronto? Snowing. Issuing Extreme Cold Weather Warnings, with news reporters reporting worry over the homeless. Still, I was glad that Dave met me at the airport, and carried the heaviest bag on a bus, the subway and the short walk to his house. What a lifesaver! I was stoked to see him, it's been a few years since he moved to Canada. I was glad to see he was generally the same brilliant guy that I used to know. Same sense of humor, same stand up guy. I was only in Toronto for a few days.

That first day? Complete write off. I thought I was off on one of the two day trips that I had planned, but because I mistakenly left Vancouver a day early (my bad) I was a day early in Toronto. A fact I didn't realise until I was standing in line to get on the Greyhound bus. Fail.

The other days were better. I was introduced to the Walking Dead (via the season one finale) so that was awesome. I ate more food than I ever thought I would. It wasn't hard, because over there? They give you pizza the size of your FACE for like, $2. Amazing pizza. And lots of it. It was so mad! I may also have eaten half a pint of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked. I won't lie, I definitely missed Ben & Jerry!

I did a bunch of fun touristy things, like I went up the CN Tower and saw the pretty view. Dave took me Ice Skating, which was alot of fun. For the first two minutes. After that it was more like torture contraptions on my feet. He also introduced me to poutine (which was foul) and street meat (which, unexpectedly, was not).

Skating by the Lake!

Poutine *wrinkles nose*

Street Meat, Yeah!


Up the CN Tower

We also visited Madison Avenue Pub, which was three stories full of people, and complete bedlam. Lots of Canadian boys, lots of cute flirting, and random green drinks, which were apparently what I ordered, but not what I expected.

All in all, I thought Toronto was a pretty gorgeous. The architecture was amazing. I met a few piercers while I was looking for a new bar that were both super hot and super nice. Apart from the mad mad cold, if Canada was a place I was going to move to, I think that Toronto would be the city.

Things I learnt: * How to successfully navigate the subway (after a few failed attempts) * Not to give money to the homeless. I did, once. And I got chased by the other homeless people into the subway station. * When its -12 degrees, you need to wear two pairs of gloves. And yes, you'll want that extra hoodie. * This means that everytime you go in or go out, you'll dress/undress as appropriate. Alot of time is spent dressing. * On a side note, it's hard to pull together a cute outfit when you are also trying to wear your entire wardrobe. * You tip the bartender by leaving coinage on the bar when you've got your drink. Piles of pennies get you frowns. Gold ones get you a wink and quick service next time. * I still don't get the tipping thing, but apparently you don't need to tip everyone.

Next up, Rome!