The List: Number 49 – Finish Crocheting my Red Scarf

I've mentioned it before but there is this scarf. It's a red scarf, and this scarf? I started it during the 2004/2005 Northern Hemisphere snow season. It's come with me all across America, and all over New Zealand. It came with me to Canada, and Europe and while I was in Italy? In a little Tuscan Villa? I finished it. Five years in the making, and it's finally done.

It has tassels, and is brilliantly warm and is delightfully red and it's FINISHED!! I'm absolutely stoked. So, it's a little bit wobbly, and some of the stitches are loose, and the width of parts of it is a little variable, but I think it's incredibly rustic. And all those little details give it character.

I'm immensely pleased that it's finished. Perhaps I'll make another :)

Number 49? Done!