White Christmas’s + Hogmanay Adventures

This year I spent Christmas + New Years the same as I always do - surrounded by family, and with friends in some cute little place away from home. But oh goodness, the similarities very much ended there. This year I celebrated in a completely different hemisphere than usual, with a completely different season in mind. And while I miss being warm, and I miss the sun and the beaches and being able to wander about barefoot in nothing more than a shorts and a shirt, I had a brilliant, brilliant time here.

Christmas was spent with family, and family that isn't quite ours. It was a White Christmas, and on Christmas morning there was champagne + orange juice, and playing in the snow, and big sit down lunches and stockings and carols. There was huddling around the fire, and sleeping off the food comas, and long distant phone calls.

And New Years! Oh New Years this year was brilliant. I visited Scotland! I went up to Edinburgh and celebrated Hogmanay with some of my favourite people ever. Honestly, I hadn't seen some of them in *years* and was absolutely beside myself stoked to see them again. And then there was the adventuring!

I saw Edinburgh Castle, and was involved in a Torch Procession that fucked my ankle (ahh, potholes!) and partied it up at the brilliant Street Party. I saw many many fireworks, and tried Haggis, and wheeled myself around the Edinburgh Museum (yay for free Wheel Chairs for the crippled!). I enjoyed the carnival (specifically: Riding on The Claw, and having Lyth win me a little bear). I visited the Elephant House cafe, where JK Rowling wrote the first three Harry Potter books. I climbed the Scotts Monument, which was a giant, crazy tower, and honestly? One of the best New Years I've had.

Edinburgh Castle

The Torch Procession

Elephant House

Edinburgh Museum

Hogmanay Street Party

Scotts Tower

It's been a crazy year. Honestly, and when I think about all the things I've done, and where I've come from I'm kind of amazed. In the last year I started The List (and on it I've handfed Stingrays, got a tattoo, made pumpkin soup from scratch, finished the 365 project, met 2 blog friends in their city, volunteered for Habitat of Humanity, Changed a flat tire, got my full liscence, visited whistler, made perogi from scratch, visited vatican city, made cheese and planted a tree!). I've also visited Italy, Scotland and Canada, and I'm in the process of settling down in London. London!! It was only in the last year or so that I decided that I was going to, and look at me now.

I've been heartbroken, and broken a few hearts myself. I spent a long time figuring out what I wanted and what I didn't want, which was helpful and hard. Dealing with the aftermath of The Boy, really dealing with it was horrid and really did change my perspective on most things. Coming out of that, I built up an amazing, brilliant, best in the world ever group of friends, who I love and adore and miss like crazy. The last few months in New Zealand were positively the best ever, there were so many adventures and brilliant nights out. I was busy, and happy. It almost seems stupid that I've gone and left it all behind now.

I'm hoping that the next year or so will be just as brilliant. That I'll cross a few more things off my list, that I'll learn to be patient with myself, and with others. That I'll continue to say Yes more than I say No, and that I'll figure out where I want to be job wise. But mostly? Mostly this year I just want to be happy.

Fingers crossed I can have it work out that way. I hope of all you had a brilliant holiday period, and that you got all Christmas Wishes you wanted, and experienced all the very exciting adventures you'd hoped for.