Adventure #3: Peterborough

After getting my days epically mixed up (on which I'm going to blame jetlag, and trying to get my head around the stupidly different timezones) I was a day ahead of myself. Which means when the day came around, I was so amped to get to Peterborough and met the brilliant Désirée Fawn.

One, Peterborough is SO CUTE! I actually couldn't believe how sweet everything was. We met for teas/hot chocolates in a lovely cafe (where we talked boys), and had a super filling and seriously amazing lunch at a brewery. I got to meet her partner, Ryan, and her mad mad mad (and totally gorgeous) dog Winston.

I got to see a squirrel (at which I may have squealed in excitement, and taken a million pictures), and I also discovered that even if you're in a place where there are a million squirrels, if you go looking for one, you'll only see the one. But he will be chubby, and fluffy and brilliant. We also met Caren on the way back, who is an absolute delight.

I saw the worlds biggest hydraulic lift lock (though, I took Des's word for it. Fact checking was never my thing) which was kind of amazing. We didn't look at it long, because it was so cold out. But I was kind of impressed that they use something like that to get boats up the river.

I sat and watched Ryan sample all the sugary goodness that I brought from NZ, and I was glad that Désirée got to try Marmite for the first time! Also, I'm glad that Ryan at least agrees that Pineapple Lumps > Perky Nanas.

I also even got to meet little Gretchen! Cuteness on two legs, that one. She was absolutely gorgeous, and even though we only met for a few moments, and she was shy as a button to begin with, I was glad to see with my own two eyes that people from the internet, like the rad Désirée, really are as brilliant as you think they are.

Thanks for having me, lady! It was brilliant to meet you and yours :)

Things I learnt: * People from the internet are awesome. * I'm really digging the whole cream in hot chocolates deal. Almost as good as foam. * Squirrels!! I totally understand that scene in Up now.