Adventure #2: Vancouver

After a crazy, mad, brilliant night in Whistler, I showed up bright and early to the greyhound bus stop nice and hungover. The drive down to Vancouver was, without a doubt, gorgeous. With the mountains that reach the sky, and the water and the islands... It's a phenomenal trip. I also managed to seat myself next to a kiwi from Christchurch, who gave me a list of things I should do while in Vancouver. It was super helpful, and I was stoked to have all the insider knowledge. Except, sadly, I didn't end up taking it. I didn't go night skiing at Grouse. I didn't hire a bike and ride around the seawall. I didn't make it to the aquarium.

I did see a gay bar full of Santa's. Where I may have flirted with the bartender to get Awmbr (my amazing and brilliant host) a santa hat. There were gay graphic designers from the 80s, and tequila shots, and drunken dancing, and mel gibson injokes. There was a walk to a dive where there was an awkward moment with a boy and his ex girlfriend, who was talking to some hippies. There was another dive bar, and a crazy metal band with a super hot drummer, who was nice enough to flirt with me for a tiny bit. There was drama getting out of the bar (or rather, being escorted out of the bar) and there was paying a mexican panhandler $3 to go away, and scary irrational homeless men on walks down hastings street, and cars parked up that smelt strongly of weed.

There were cute bartenders who told us of afterhours parties, and an obnoxious and self-proclaimed 'hipster' who couldn't place my accent (idiot). There was driving through McDonalds at 3 in the morning, and getting the wrong order (even more hilarious was the taxi driving asking us if we got the right order before driving away...)

There was a brilliant breakfast at Bons, and a day of wandering around the city which was gorgeous. Shopping, and trying on hats and glasses and visiting Tim Hortons + trying Tim Bits. There was amazing pizza from 4 Brothers, and repacking and watching a few episodes of Modern Family.

Downtown Vancouver

Tim Hortons - Yay!

The Mad Metal Band

Me + The Amazing Awmber

It was a brilliant weekend, made exceptional by getting to meet Awmber. Honestly, I'm such an inelegant traveler, so I was stoked when Awmber came to collect me from the bus depot. She made sure that I was sorted and was able to be where I needed to be when I needed to be there. She introduced me to her friends, and let me stay in her home. She actually is amazing. It was an absolute blast meeting her. :)

Things I learnt: * Hungover, what? You can definitely do lots of travelling and lots of drinking. It's entirely possible. * The word 'bizzare' is likely to get you mocked. * The 4 Brothers Pizza with artichoke is SO GOOD * If you drink enough, you stop caring that its cold and that you can't feel your feet. * If you a sober, merino socks + 2 pairs of tights are not enough to keep you warm. * Meeting people from blogging is totally okay, and in this case? Turned out to be awesome!