Getting On Famously + Leaving?

I danced around the living room with Mac. We were all arms + legs + movement. BM was on the piano, doing that thing that he does. (You know, where he hears a song for the first time, and then plays it perfect straight off the bat). He was happy to play all our favourite pop hits, laughing as those of us who can’t sing sang at the top of our lungs. Dance Monkey, Dance! Lina laughed at us too, just as involved by watching as we were by dancing.

It was just one night of many, but oh! We had a great time. A brilliant, brilliant time.

I love these people. I’m sad that we’ve only just solidified as a crew and there isn’t time for it to grow into something more. I am glad that even this late in the game, it happened. We’re the kind of crew where it doesn’t matter where we are. Whether it’s in a fancy restaurant with bottles of champagne, or in Lina’s living room, over pizza in an empty bar, or bar hopping in Ponsonby. Whether I’m dancing with Mac at one of BM’s gigs, or sitting in Lina’s bedroom gossiping about broken fairy tales.

Wherever, we are, it’s consistently brilliant. We get on famously, with no drama between us. It just works, you know? Whether it’s belly laughing in silence, tears running down our cheeks, or whether we’re being belligerent with the waiting staff, or even if we’re helping each other out of awkward situations.Whether we’re dancing in a club full of people, or whether it’s just us four, dancing in someone’s lounge.

They are my people. They are what makes my week, every week, week after week. They are they very definition of friendship.

I <3 them, and I miss them already. I’m finding it hard to imagine a week without them. The idea of leaving them behind is absolutely heartbreaking. I’m glad people like these ones are in my life. I’m absolutely gutted that I’m leaving them behind.



It was meant to be my leaving dinner, the last hurrah with us 4, but it didn't feel like it. It wasn't bittersweet, not quite tinged with the idea that I might be leaving these people soon. Instead it was all about the moment, drinking two sweet bottles of champagne, ordering a second pot of mussles, and then a third. Laughing at each others moments, mocking the downfalls ("She was chubby, that was why!") and high fiving as we took on the waiting staff, and said waiters rose to the challenge.

It felt more like summer had come early, laughing with these people who I love and adore. Stealing gingerbread cookies from the waitress, smashing glasses full of mousse to get to the waffles. Encouraging job interviews, and requesting songs for the next gig. Basking in encouragement and ego inducing statements, more bubbles, more fries, more laughter.

It wasn't till I got home that I was sad, where I realised that I was leaving these people behind. Who would I spend Wednesday nights with? Picking apart our weeks, figuring it all out, cheering on the highs, and comiserating the lows with. Who would I drink with on Thursday nights? Sharing pizza and mocking the style of awkward self-aware guitarists.

These people make my weeks brilliant. Consistently, every week, they make my life better. Which is why I think the leaving dinner didn't feel like a leaving dinner. It was a high point of my week. It wasn't until I realised that I'm going to leave these people behind that I got sad.

I'll miss them. I'll just plain miss them.