30 Days - Incoming

So, there have been a few '30 days' Memes going around. Kate did 30 Days of Me. Eleni Zoe is doing the 30 days of Truth, and Jennifer is doing a 30 Days Meme without a name. Add that to the Veda (Video Blog Every Day in August) that I missed, and well, there are a few going around at the moment. I won't lie, I'm going to get on the bandwagon. I hear that November is National Blog National Blog Posting Month (though, what nation, I'm not sure) so that works for me. I'm probably going to be a bit MIA this month, as things gear up for Operation: Leave The Country. Also I'm getting my wisdoms out. And I have a crazy amount of socialising and beach visiting to do. So, in the mean time, you get 30 Days of Blog Filler. Awesome. I've taken bits and bobs from everyone elses lists, because it was just easier that way. :)