The List: Number 37 - Get my Full License

It took me absolutely forever, but I've done it. I've finally joined the ranks of those able to drive during the hours of 10pm - 6am, and to take passengers. Truthfully, though, it never stopped me before, and I never once got a ticket for it. Still, I'm stoked, check it! License Class Held: 1F!

In a slightly amusing side story, a few months ago I was playing Sober Driver to The Second + Fourth Quarters and the brilliant Lucas. I got pulled over as you do when you're coming from town with a bucketload of people in your car at 4 in the morning (Sidenote: as The Second Quarter was sitting in the passenger side with his full license, I was allowed to drive with passengers). Anyway, I wasn't speeding, and I wasn't sure why the policeman had pulled me over. I asked if it was because I was 'wobbly'. It wasn't, it was just so I could do a breath test to make sure I was sober enough to drive.

Well, The Second Quarter mocked me the whole drive home after that. BUT! When I took the driving test for my full, the License Lady told me that it was likely that no one had ever told me this before, but that I drove a little 'wobbly'. She used that EXACT WORD! Ever since I've been trying to drive a little less wobbly.

Anyway. Number 37 on The List: Get my Full License. Done. Woo, yeah!