Anyone that knows me, knows that I really do adore cupcakes. No, seriously. It started in Melbourne, where my best friend had inconveniently moved far far away. When I visited the first time (and every time thereafter) she took me to Little Cupcakes. This tiny little cupcake store down one of the many lanes in Melbourne's CBD.

Best cupcakes ever. Amazing moist cake, with a healthy dollop of melt-in-your-mouth ganache on top. The kind where you can't stop eating them. Where you end up buying six mini ones because the flavours? There are too many amazing ones to just stick to one. Or two. Two is never enough.

I have to say that after that point I tried any cupcake that I came across. Now, sadly, there are only two cupcake stores reminiscent of Little Cupcakes in Auckland, and neither of them do the amazing ganache. Nor are their cupcakes mini.

However, Petal Cupcakes have a super slick newly renovated store in Newmarket (just off Teed St). I love that all their cakes are decorated like flowers (thus tying cleverly in with the 'petal' theme). Still, while the chocolate cupcake I had was amazing (super rich, super super rich) their icing was not ganache. It was slightly crunchy, it was the kind of icing sugar that sets. Which isn't a bad thing. It's just, I want Little Cupcakes ganache, dammit!

And then a few weeks ago, I tried Delish Cupcakes. And oh! I loved their little display:

Just enough so you could pick out the flavours you wanted. I followed them on twitter, and was super stoked to get one of their twitter/fb specials (this is why social networking is a win. It means free cupcakes!). So brought a whole bunch. And I have to say, the lady who runs the place was amazing. Super nice, happy to talk and chat with me a bit. I love businesses like that one, small and local and straight up amazing.

Also? Their cupcakes divine. Not quite ganache, but I didn't care. The icing was just as good, if not better. Smooth and creamy and an excellent excellent match with the red velvet cupcake I'd tried. And the caramel cupcake? I could have eaten a fair few of those, too. I brought a few other flavours, but sadly I left them in the car while I went to pick up a few things from the supermarket. I shouldn't have, because when I got back Quinn was covered in buttercream icing, having figured out how to open the box. Needless to say I had a hyperactive dog thereafter.

I'm stoked that they are so close to work, because they are definitely brilliant enough to give Little Cupcakes a run for their money. I'm glad to have found them. No doubt I'll be visiting alot more now. :)