Snow Adventures

Last week, Lyth and I took a few days off work, and drove down south to the snow. To be honest, we took it pretty easy. We spent a half day at Turoa (soft snow, unlimited vis, no queues, manageable wind - nice!) and a full day at Whakapapa (super soft snow, still making fresh tracks after lunch, unlimited vis, snow in the afternoon) so that was pretty sweet.

The other two days were spent eating pudding for breakfast, and watching an awful lot of downloaded tv (Top Gear, Band of Brothers, Pushing Daises, Mad Men . . . ). We visited the National Trout Centre, which was easily the best $2 I've spent ($2 gets you a bag of pellets) and it was super novel feeding the fish, and watching the ruckus caused.

We also spent an inordinate amount of time at Tokaanu's geothermic hot pools. It's meant to be $9 for 20 minutes for a private pool, but we easily spent an hour and a half plus soaking up the warmth - they were pretty generous! And I adore being that warm. What's more, part of the pool (or all of the pool, if you're in #5) is open to the heavens, which is delightful when its raining.

On the drive back (which was delightfully done in daylight, and not after dark) I somehow lost a whole bunch of brain cells, and convinced myself that there were all these rural houses who had yellow flags with the Wordpress logo on it. It was a little weird the first time, but after we got to five flags I wanted to steal one to get a closer look. Well, we did steal one: lo and behold it was missing the fat bit on the top left of the 'W'. I'd stolen a Waikato Times Flag. Someone was going to miss out on getting their newspaper.

I also stupidly decided that because I'm not sure when I'll be driving around the country again, I wanted my 365 to be in a field with cows. So after we stole the flag, I picked a field, and trudged off towards the cows. Bad idea, super bad idea. I'd forgotten that most of the country had just had 4 days of torrential rain. So I was trudging through what looked like grass, but was really a cold, sticky mud puddle that sucked your feet in with each step. After I got back to the car, my pink+blue chucks were not pink or blue anymore. My socks (which used to be yellow) were now a rather disgusting brown. Still, its just mud. And I waved my flag like my feet weren't being cased in frozen mud. Lyth laughed at me. And said this is why I'm the best to go on road trips with. I took it as a compliment.

But on the whole it was fantastic. There was a crazy amount of driving, and naps in the car, and playing a stupid amount of iphone games (Oh doodlejump! Oh creeps!). There was eating a stupid amount of food and sleeping in, and an undefeated champion of Gin (woo!). There was rain, and snow, and sore muscles (and even more sore tailbones...) and clambering over rocks and visiting the boundary line.

All in all, a pretty brilliant long weekend, really. :)