Waiheke Adventures

A few weeks ago a friend and I caught the ferry across to Waiheke, an island that's about 40 minutes from the city. Honestly? It might as well have been hours away for all I thought about home. We were lucky enough to stay in a gorgeous little resort - the kind of resort that costs hundreds of dollars a night and is super luxurious. The kind that is surrounded by carefully manicured bush, with a private beach and boat house and spa pool almost big enough to swim in. It was all kinds of gorgeous and amazing.

It was a weekend of walks, and reading and naps. Of visiting farmers markets, and eating amazing bread. Of spending far too many hours submerged in hot water in the open air, looking up at the stars. Of picking ripe grapefruit from trees bowed down from the weight of all of them, and watching the rain storm across the ocean. It was about crazy random drives through the dark, of wineries and concerts that make you clap your hands and dance in your chair. It was about amazing food, and drummers that make you grin. It was a weekend of good company, and finally being able to take the time to relax, and recharge.

In short, it was amazing. A really brilliant weekend. Hopefully there shall be more like it.