The Art of Buying a Girl a Drink

There seems to be an awful lot of awkwardness around buying a girl a drink. It was something I never noticed until recently. For me buying someone a drink, was always just that, just a drink. It never had any hidden motives, or came with intentions. I'm fairly comfortable, money wise and my friends and I are incredibly generous with each other. But after hanging out at the bar, I realised that not everyone had my attitude towards buying drinks. There's the boy that quietly, without much fanfare places a pretty coloured something at my elbow. He knows what I drink, and what I like and what I don't. And he quietly, unobtrusively takes care of me. I think its a sweet, and let him (even though we both know I don't really need taking care of).

There's the boy that prefers to go dutch, but only tells you so by purchasing his own drink, not offering to get you one, which is fine. He blusters instead, when I offer to get the second round. He has baggage, I think. A weird idea of what buying a drink means.

There's the boy that puts on a show, bringing out his credit card with a flourish and a loud 'I'll get this' when it comes time to pay. He won't let me get a round, and I think this is some misguided attempt at wooing.

There's the boy that is as blase as I am, I get one round, he gets the next. Theres the boy who decides to order for me, and barely holds in his distaste when I tell him that I'm not a fan of red. There's the boy who uses a tab card, and the one who uses what coinage he has left in his pocket, and there's the boy that drinks water, but orders me a wine.

It seems that buying a girl a drink now comes with all sorts of indicators to the type of person they are. I'd never really thought much on it, before, and even though it seems a little rude to judge a person based on how they buy me a drink, I really can't help myself.

Is the boy who buys a wine with change just getting rid of his coinage? Or is an indicator of his financial standings? Ditto the boy with the credit card - is he getting himself further in debt, spending large to impress girls in bars? Is the boy who gets his round with little fuss as really as laid back as I think he is?

Does it matter?

In the end, I think the kind of people they are will come out. A drink is often followed by conversation and what they are looking for, they kind of person they are will inevitably come to light soon enough.

I discovered that the boy that pays with coins is an art student, last year in a film degree. The boy that was blase about rounds did appear to be just as laid back about everything else, and the boy who flourished his credit card really wasn't very good at making small talk.

I know you shouldn't judge book by its cover, but sometimes? It's hard not to, especially when the contents confirm that actually? The cover art isn't as great as you thought it was.