Backyard Adventures

About a month ago now, I and a few others went on a snow trip. It was a really mad thing to do, mostly because the week before the entire office fell sick, leaving me to handle three peoples worth of work. I was also in complete denial about being sick myself, because oh! I wanted to go to the snow, dammit. And I was going to go. And I did. And oh yes, what a bad idea that was. By the end of the first day I was hanging off the chairlift trying to figure out which way the wind was going, so on the likely chance that I vomited I could hopefully do it in a direction that would miss the people behind me, anyone below me, and the others on my chair.

Yeah, I'm that classy.

I was nauseous, and exhausted, and my body refused to work. The last run down the mountain I was on the ground more than I was on my feet, and each time it got harder and harder to get up. Shame on me, once I got to the lower mountain I actually took a chair down.

The chair. Down the mountain. Thats how bad it was.

Needless to say the next day I did not go riding. I should have made the effort (because oh! Blue skies! No wind! 10cm's of fresh stuff on trail!), but I didn't. And the brilliant, amazing, best friend ever, Lyth, instead of asking me to sit in the cafe while he enjoyed the good stuff (which is what I prolly would have asked of him) instead took me home.

And because I was half gutted, half resigned and feeling rather guilty I was determined to make the drive back a Fun Trip. Capital F. Capital T.

Lucky that Lyth is such a good sport. And even though I was sore, and sick and gutted, I was determined.

First there was jumping shots. There were jumping shots in Motuoapa, in Taupo, and in a few other random places. Pretty much everywhere we stopped, really.

We stopped at Huka Falls, which is a mad amount of water running through a gorge at really really mad speeds. The Waikato goes from about 100 metres across to about 15 . . . its pretty insane, really.

Next up had to be the stupidest, most idiotic idea I've ever had. I decided that as we weren't riding, we should do something adventurous. Like, climb up onto a wire 15 metres in the sky, and walk along it. How convenient that Rock'n'ropes was just down the road from Huka falls.

Oh yeah. From the ground it looked easy. No problem. Once I was up there? I had a panic attack and cried. I'm definitely not a super hero. I was sick, and sore from the day before, and you'd think that I would have realised this before climbing up there. Lyth on the other hand put me to shame and made it look like childs play.

Definitely one of the more idiotic things I've done. It was hard, too. Mentally, and physically. Also, my arms were much much too short, and I was constantly trying to figure out how I was going to reach the next vine without letting go of the last one. Needless to say, in the end I didn't succeed. I fell, and panicked. And when I was on the ground? I just lay there for a good little while, glad to be back on the ground.

After that I definitely wasn't keen on any high-energy off-the-ground adventures. The next stop was the Prawn Park, which is a place that breeds prawns in the geothermic waters. We didn't fish for prawns, but we did walk around and look at some of the random art and things. We rode on water bikes (though Lyth broke the chain on one, whoops!) and we fed Trout in the Waikato, which mostly involved throwing pellets off a bridge, and hoping that fish came.

It was good day, really. My being sick kicked in just after this, and I think I slept most of the way home. Definitely a mad weekend trip away, with much adventuring to be had. I'm glad I got to see some of Taupo's tourist spots. I think sometimes when you're daydreaming about overseas adventures, its easy to forget the ones that are in your own backyard.