A Weekend in Review

My weekends are generally pretty mad - there's always something on, something to look forward to or get dressed up for. This weekend? There was cocktails in teapots, and less-than-subtle subtlemobs, platonic hand holding, and cocktails at the sexy new Third and Social. There were midnight SOS calls, and getting lost out West, and watching League games where good friends act like lunatics and try tackle people bigger than them. There was sneaking into design conference after parties, and admiring art installations.

And then, dear internet, there was cake.

I made this. Or rather, me and The Fourth Quarter made it. And it was amazing. It took some doing, and there was more than one attempt at getting a cream cheese icing that looked like, you know, icing. We laughed at Top Gear, and settled at The Second Quarters house in front of the fire and ate delicious, amazing cake.

It was a good weekend. How was yours?