The 365 Project – July

Oh July, you were brilliant. There was a lot of adventuring happening this month. There were snow trips, and trips to Wellington. I did a week of jumping, I watched The Third + Fourth Quarters debut short film on the big screen, with an audience (which was amazing!). I started Maori lessons, I painted my nails a lot, I watched my friend beat the World Record for Longest Solo Performance, I had and resolved warranty dramas with me car, said goodbye to a few London bound friends, went on a date, saw a handful of film festival films, took out my sternum piercing, and generally downplayed a lot of the drama that happened this month. Generally, it was another good month. Fingers crossed there are more months like this one.

1st of July 2010 to 31st July 2010. 299 down. 66 to go.

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