A Week of Jumping

There came a point around the 200 day mark where I really really struggled with finding the motivation to continue my 365 project. The great thing about flickr is that there are a billion million people who share their 365 photos, so you can cheer each other on, find inspiration, and generally just be nosey. Well on one my being nosey adventures through flickr, I stumbled across Megg. Megg, straight up, is amazing. She's doing 365 jumping shots. JUMPING shots. And oh! They are wonderful jumping shots, with gorgeous colours and brilliant lighting and I'm jealous, jealous of her skill! Flicking through her photostream, it often looks as if she's just floating mid air.

So last week, during one of my motivation ruts, I decided that I was going to do a week of jumping shots. I didn't think much about it, just then, I was just going to do it. Well, let me tell you that my opinion of Megg is now a billion times higher than it was the week before last, because you know what? Jumping shots are HARD.

Jumping shots where your face isn't contorted from the effort of willing yourself into the air long enough for the flash to take the shot. Timing things right so you don't look like you're doing some weird disco dance with your knees bent while standing on the ground. Making sure that your clothing isn't doing weird things, that you are, in fact, in focus, and that you don't hurt yourself too much trying to jump in interesting places.

Let's not forget that the people who walk past are going to think you are absolutely mad because you'll look an idiot.

But it was a fun mini-project, I'm glad I did it. Are any of you rocking 365 projects? How did you keep yourself motivated??