Sky High Views

I don't really enjoy flying, not really. I hate the pressure that builds up in your ears and makes them ring and ache. The uncomfortable seats in the cattle class, the rude people, and the children that kick chairs. But the views, oh the views! If for no other reason, I would suffer all the discomforts of flying willingly, with a smile on my face, just to see the the world from above. And its always the little things, flying out of Wellington to see the wind farms dotted along the mountain tops, the islands shrunk to miniature sizes, and giant alps breaking up the lay of the land. When we flew back last Sunday, Ruapehu looked divine, and I was jealous of all the people enjoying the snow on such a gorgeous day.

It was amazing to see coast to coast, to see the farm patchwork of the Waikato plains. To be above the clouds in perpetual sunlight, watching their shadows fall across the sea. New Zealand is so pretty, from above.