Christopher Reed: The Marathon Gig

As I write this, the timer on the wall is at 29:23:24. Chris is playing "Faith" for what I'm sure is the third time. I recognize most the faces in the bar, in various states of exhaustion, drinking either coffee or beer, or wine. Yeah, its an odd time. But we're all here because Christopher, the amazing brilliant boy who used to sing ridiculously corny love songs down the phone line when were 17, is trying for the Guiness World Record of Longest Solo Performance. Ohhh yeah. The current record sits at 32 hours, and this crazy mad wonderful boy is trying for 36. We're in the home stretch now, and people clap and cheer at the end of every song, and at the end of every hour completed.

I was here when he kicked off at 9am yesterday morning. I was here for most of the day, and I drank a stupid amount of alcohol last night (oh Jager shots, you are never a good idea!). I had intended to stay, but at around 5am the amazing Lyth made sure I dragged my sorry ass home safe and sound.

And then a few short hours I'm back. And it's been brilliant. I've danced and twirled with many people (the bar staff, friends, strangers, and even a cop in uniform!), we've sung along till our throats were hoarse and croaky. And I love this atmosphere, so many people have come together to support one of their own. Chris, being so determined to finish, and raising a stupid amount of money for the Cancer Society (donate here, if you like).

I will be here at 6pm, when he breaks the current record of 32 hours. I will be here at 7pm, when he sets a new record of 33 hours of a solid solo performance. I will cheer, and support and sing along with him, and the many other people who are here to support and love and help Chris cross the 33 hour finish line.

I can hear the warble in his voice, and his arms are sweaty, and his fingers look like they are cramping. But he's still making jokes mid song. Still singing, still rocking out. He's playing all the songs we know and love. He's going to make it. I'm stupidly proud. World Records are made to be broken. Go you good thing!

12 Hour Mark

22 Hour Mark

33 Hour Mark (World Record Beat at 3:15. I won't lie, I got teary at the time).

Find him at, on twitter, or on facebook.

[edit] In true rockstar style, Chris broke the world record, and performed 33 hours straight. It was an epic effort, he raised a couple of thousand for the Cancer Society, and is honestly a rockstar. I'm so so proud of him, glad I could have been there to support, glad that I was witness to such a mad weekend. Woo! [/edit]