July Melodies

Generally, I don't listen to the radio. There isn't one at work, and I don't have a band expander in my car. I don't watch tv, generally, so I rarely watch music videos (apart from the rare times at Kenwyn when The Second Quarter has the Juice Channel on). So generally, I only get new music when its been thrown in my face by other people, with "OMG - You must listen!". Except that that situation happens less and less as time goes on. So lately, I've been making the effort to discover new sounds, sweet crooning melodies, and clever drops, and lyrics I want to sing along to (even if an open plan office). I've been scouring the internet, and have discovered some clever places like downplayer, that provide 10 free mp3s everyday. There have been a few blogs here and there, and I've come across a few songs which I'm loving, but generally it means trolling through alot of crap I don't like to get to stuff I do. Where do you find your sounds? And what are you listening to right now?

Anyway, in the interest of sharing, this is what my July sounds like, so far:

Kandi - One Eskimo

Welcome Home - Radical Face

Meet me in the City - The Black Keys

The Underwood Typewriter - Fionn Regan

Hustlin - Rick Ross (Prince of Ballard Remix)