Another Night at The Bar

I don't usually take my camera to the bar, not usually. This is because I know that I could end up anywhere, and that at 4am I'm not going to know where my very expensive, very precious camera is. So its always very exciting to discover bar adventures on Facebook the next day. So I've had a few brilliant nights there this month, I think each of those is a confirmation on how I should NOT take my camera . . . Highlights, then:

* Dancing to the only Jimmy and the Goodbrew song I know (Golden Rule <3)

* Having @lellobot be home, and having her leaving drinks at the bar.

* The bartenders call of "Shots!" and having him pour me a sweet strawberry something, and everyone else something foul like Patron.

* Sitting around in the courtyard bitching with the Staff, both new and old, after closing.

* So much Square madness. So. Much. Madness. Square <3!

* Having the French Glassie teach us to say silly things in french, and letting us butcher it rather horribly ("Tu êtes une singe pute!")

* Teaching the French Glassie english words like "Goober"

* Winning a stupid amount of pool games with tin-ass shots.

* Sitting around in the closed bar with my besties (<3 Lyth + Zes!), impressed that they came down in the early hours of the morning

* Watching the College Rifles Rugby team take of their clothes in punishment in Kangaroo Court

* Sneaking shots from behind the bar

* The mad affection which comes from having a family bar

Yeah, its been pretty brilliant. I'm not there as much now, but when I am, it works for me.