The Armory

A few weeks ago, some guys from work took me down to The Armory, which is basically an airsoft arena for close quarters battle. In short, its a bit like TF2, or any of those first person shooter type games, except real. Instead of playing with a screen and a headset, you don safety gear, get given a big giant (and also fake) gun and off you go. You run around the arena and try hit the opposition. Its hard work, and painful, but an awful lot of fun. Or so I suspect. When I went I was dressed in a skirt and tights, and wasn't brave enough to get in the arena. I shot for a bit in the range (which, once I started hitting the targets, delighted me no end). And I watched through the windows as the boys played in the arena. It wasn't unlike watching The Ex play all his computer games, except that it was a billion times more awesome. I have alot more respect for boys that get out there and actually play in arenas like this, rather than sittin at home and playing the games over the internet.

I'm pretty keen to get involved next week, if I can. The social atmosphere was brilliant, all the guys were super nice, all decked out in camo gear and fancy masks.

I am slightly apprehensive about the mentatlity of actually SHOOTING at someone . . . its a bit different from sitting in front of a screen, cackling as you charge someone with a flamethrower. I know they have safety procedures and things so the guns can't be mistaken as real ones, and so you can't actually hurt anyone. If I hadn't seen how much fun it was, if I hadn't shot at the targets, and if I had been itching to get into the arena, I would probably turn my nose up at it.

But I did see how much fun it was, and I did shoot at the targets, and I was itching to get into the arena. I'm so going back. I'll let you know how it goes . . .

225/365 - The Armory